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Sometimes I Just Don’t Have Words



I am a planner and I plan mentally what I am going to share with you when I write a post.  My plan was to share a recipe on Sunday night and talk about it and how it is appreciated here in the South.  My plans changed when I heard about the tragedy in Orlando on Sunday Morning.  I could not post anything because I just did not have any words.  Thankfully, fellow bloggers wrote posts that inspired me. Here are links to their posts:

After Orlando: Options for Action

Love All

After reading them, I knew I had to write something.  This morning in our local paper was an article about Muhammad Ali.  It inspired me to share some words with you.  I think Ali was the first Muslim I ever heard about.  I do remember all the controversy when he became a Muslim and I have to admit I wasn’t a great fan of his.  However, that changed over the years and I realized he was truly a Muslim believer.  When Mr. D and I attended the Olympics in LA in 1984 I had the privilege of seeing Ali in person.  He was attending a boxing event and I remember how charasmatic he was and what an imposing figure he was.  I will never forget that.

Here are Ali’s words about being a Muslim:  I am a Muslim,” he said, “and there is nothing Islamic about killing innocent people in Paris, San Bernardino, or anywhere else in the world.  True Muslims know that the ruthless violence of so-called Islamic Jihadists goes against the very tenets of our religion. ”

As I read that I realized that I could make the same statement about being a Christian.  I am a Christian and according to what we believe, marriage is only male and female.  However, nowhere in the Christian religion does it say to murder people who have different beliefs.  We even have a commandment that says “Thou Shall Not Kill.”

Our nation is going through a Wave of hatred and I pray to God that it will be healed soon.  There is no reason to kill innocent people.  I am going to close with another quote.  This is from Billy Crystal at Ali’s funeral last week.  He spoke eloquently about Ali’s beliefs and commitment to his beliefs.  He said, “Ali would want us to build bridges not walls.”   I believe Billy is right.

Amen and May God hold us, comfort us and direct us into actions that will remove this hate.

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