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Fried Okra

On one of my previous posts I mentioned that I was going to try to fry okra this summer.  I have tried it in the past and had disastrous results.  Surely a southern girl that loves to cook would be able to master this task.  As I have been seeing okra at the farmer’s market weekly, I decided it was time to give it a try.

I searched through my cookbooks for the best recipe.  I chose one from The Glory of Southern Cooking Cookbook by James Villas.  I love the cookbook and it is such a wonderful collection of southern recipes from all over the South.  The recipe I am sharing seemed very traditional and I love James comment about how the fried okra could be served as an appetizer.  Mr. D and I have wondered many times why people in the South and restaurants in the South do no serve fried okra as an appetizer.  I think that is a great idea.IMG_4443

Above is a picture of the fried okra I prepared.  I used an electric skillet instead of a cast iron skillet.  I have a hard time regulating the heat on my stove and that is how I messed up my fried okra the last time I gave it a try.  If I was going to improve on this first attempt at this recipe, I would try for sure to make my pieces of okra a more consistent size.  I also used the fine grain cornmeal and I did not like the texture.  It was almost gummy.  I would try to find the old fashioned corn meal to use.  Also,  when I placed the okra in the batter, I think I should have left it in the batter for a couple of minutes as that seemed to help to coat the okra. By the way, I don’t cook with lard so I used vegetable cooking oil.

I had never heard of parboiling the okra first.  I did that and I think it helped to make the batter adhere to the okra.

Here is the recipe.




We were very happy with the results.  I know many people think okra is just gross; however, if it is prepared correctly that isn’t necessarily true.  I do plan to make this recipe again before the fresh okra disappears at the farmers market.

Thanks for stopping by.

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