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Cherry Tomato Provencal By Ina Garten

I love tomatoes and I do not eat them in the winter.  I only eat fresh tomatoes in the summertime and I am always super excited about that first taste of the tomato in a wonderful sandwich on white bread with Duke’s mayonnaise.  I do have to admit that by the time August arrives, we are getting a little tired of tomatoes. I was browsing through one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks recently and saw this recipe for provencal cherry tomato gratin.  I made it for us recently and it is so good.  The cherry tomatoes I purchased at the farmers market were larger and so I only needed two pints of the tomatoes.

I love the wonderful flavors of this dish and it is a little different as we usually pair basil with tomatoes.  I know this is a recipe that I will continue to make in the future.




This recipe is in Ina Garten’s cookbook Foolproof.  I always chose Ina when I want to use a traditional ingredient and make it a little differently.  She is such a master of that.

Thanks for stopping by.  (Oops sorry about the little green strip in the title of the recipe.  That was my sticky note to mark the page.)


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