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Almost Heaven – Charleston West Virginia

Mr. D and I traveled to the Mid-West to visit our family in August.  Our midway stopping point is Charleston, West Virginia.  I know I have written many times about Charleston South Carolina and how beautiful it is.  In a totally different way, Charleston West Virginia is just as beautiful.  No there is no ocean or sea breeze but there are beautiful mountains and the Kanawha River that runs through town and right beside the state capitol building. We drove through downtown and there are many shops and restaurants on shaded streets.  One of my favorite places was the Capitol Market that is also located downtown and has a wonderful farmers market.


A view of a college across the Kanawha River in Downtown Charleston



Another view of the Kanawha River



This is a picture of the Capitol Building grounds. It was a hot day and we appreciated the shade.



The statue is of Abraham Lincoln in front of the Capitol and he is the founder of the State of West Virginia



I love this picture of the Capitol Dome showing through the trees. When I think of West Virginia I think of beautiful lush forests.


All of the following pictures are of the Capitol Market in downtown Charleston.  Part of the market is indoors and there is an outside market that sells fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.  All Summer I have been wanting some wonderful juicy nectarines.  I could not find any in North Carolina and I was totally surprised to find them at this Market.  Who knew that I was going to have to travel to West Virginia to find nectarines.











The picture below is one of many farms that we passed in our travels.  Ohio is a beautiful state and has so many farms.  Indiana has cornfields as far as the eye can see.


In an election year, you can become very depressed with what you hear from the politicians.  After traveling through the Mid-West and meeting so many nice people, I just have one thing to say.  America does have to become great again, it is great and will continue to become even better.

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