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September Means Apples – Apple Pie or Apple Surprise

In September, I think of two things:  Apples and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. First let’s talk about apples. We purchased some at the Farmer’s Market last weekend.  The apples of fall are so crisp and delicious.  I wanted to share a couple of apple recipes with you today.  One of the recipes is a traditional apple pie in a pastry crust.  The other one is an apple surprise that makes it’s on crust.

Both of these recipes come from a cookbook given to me by my friend, Dixie.  The cookbook is entitled Williamsburg Kitchens written by Kay Willard and published in 1968.  I think that makes these recipes real keepers as they are just as relevant today as they were in 1968.

The first one calls for a pastry crust and of course you could use a frozen or refrigerated pastry.  Because, I have learned to make a pastry crust, I do prefer them.  However, I have found that if you are real patient in preparing a refrigerated pastry it can be very tasty.

IMG (2)

The next one is an easy one and I think the smell of a fresh pie or pastry baking is a wonderful aroma no matter how you make it.


Now to the second part of my post.  We always go to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in September to celebrate our anniversary.  This is the week of our trip to my most favorite place ever.

I look forward to sharing with you when I return.  Thanks for stopping by.

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