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Orange Walnut Cranberry Sauce

Have you started your Thanksgiving meal plans?  I was shopping yesterday and everything was Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. I absolutely refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and Mr. D and I have celebrated it together for 46 years.  I remember how frantic holidays could be when we were first married and both sets of in-laws wanted us to spend the day with them.  They lived about two hours from each other so it was hard to do that.  This year he and I will spend Thanksgiving alone together.  Some people might think that is a little sad but we are looking forward to it.  I will not be putting pressure on myself to make sure the meal is absolutely perfect.  We will have a meal with our favorites prepared the way we like them.

Last month when we visited Duke University I realized I had a cookbook from the congregation of the Duke University Chapel.  I came home and started browsing through the book and there are some really good recipes in it.  I love this cranberry sauce and I think I can make it with Splenda so it will be good for Mr. D too.  I think the recipe is great because you can make it ahead of time and just serve it on Thanksgiving.


Our Thanksgiving meal is a mix of dishes we have enjoyed in the past and new dishes to accompany our favorites.  Even though Mr. D will always ask for chicken, cornbread dressing, yams and deviled eggs, I am thankful that he is open to some new and different dishes for the day.

I will continue to share Southern side dishes with you until turkey day.  Thanks for stopping by.

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