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Cookies for Christmas

My Mother and Granny were cooks.  They loved to bake at Christmas; however, neither one of them ever made Christmas cookies that I can remember.  Maybe it is because they grew up living on farms and did their Christmas baking from whatever was growing on the farm.

I love to bake at Christmas too but I really love to make candies and cookies.  I can really get carried away with that tradition of Christmas. Over the next few days I will share cookie recipes with you.  I love to browse through magazines and find new cookie recipes to try each year.  Today, I am sharing recipes from the Southern Living Christmas at Home magazine.


These cookies are featured in the magazine from the 2000’s. Looking at the recipes I can see how our culture has evolved because the Chai tea and the bacon probably would not have been so popular in the 70’s.  My favorite has to be the coconut snowballs.

I will continue to share cookies this week and I hope you have some time over the Christmas season to bake cookies.  Even if you use the refrigerated cookie dough, I think your family and friends will enjoy them.

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