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Max and Erma’s Tortilla Soup

This is a picture of my version of Max and Erma’s Tortilla Soup.

img_20170201_172145052As Mr. D and I was traveling through the state of Ohio last summer to visit our family, we stopped at a regional restaurant chain, Max and Erma’s.  They gave us a free sample of their tortilla soup.  It was so creamy, smooth and delicious.  The chain is known for this wonderful soup and I can understand  that.  I knew I had to find a similar recipe and try it some time over the winter months.  A few weeks ago I found the recipe I am sharing with you and it is a copycat recipe.  There were many different versions when I googled the internet for a version of the soup.  However, this version seemed so creamy and so similar to the taste I experienced.

This is a link to the recipe:

Was I satisfied with the results? Absolutely.  It was smooth, creamy and had the perfect portion of all the ingredients.  It isn’t a real heavy soup so it would be a good choice for the springtime or autumn. I think the velveeta makes the soup so special.

Below is a link to Max and Erma’s website.  They are based out of Columbus, Ohio and have restaurants throughout the area.  Even though I was pleased with the results of this recipe, if I had a choice I would much rather have some of the real thing from Max and Erma’s.

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