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A Recipe Shared By A Southern Friend – Margaret Gerfin’s Chicken & Rice Casserole

I had a friend, Gere,  that lived across the street from me for many years and she was originally from Georgia.  We both loved to cook and I loved to share recipes with her and she would share hers with me.  After some time of doing this, we actually knew which recipes to share with each other because we knew so much about each other.  She is truly a Southern lady that loves her family and likes to prepare good meals for her family.  I don’t recall when I tasted my friend Gere’s prepared chicken casserole recipe but I loved it and she shared this recipe with me.  The notes in pen are my friend’s notes.  I will tell you that this is just delicious.  It will serve six to eight people depending on the portions sizes.

margaret gerkins chicken casserole

If I remember correctly, Margaret Gerfin was a fellow member of a church Gere attended at one time.  It is great to share recipes with people because it stirs memories of good times and good friends.  Gere had moved around and lived in many different places including Baltimore, MD, Mobile, AL and Conley, Georgie.  I always loved hearing about her experiences and we shared many good laughs together.

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  1. You can tell she made this from experience because she measured using her soup can. I enjoy these old fund raiser cook book recipes. They are always so interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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