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Favorite Southern Places

Today, I am sharing pictures from some of my favorite Southern places.  They are presented in no particular order but I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

Sarah P Duke Gardens, Durham NC


Duke Chapel, Durham, NC


The Beach Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Charleston, West Virginia


Lake Watauga, Tennessee


Charleston, South Carolina


Wing Haven Gardens, Charlotte NC


Hart Square, Catawba County, NC


Christmas Tree Farms, Ashe County, NC


Ryman Auditorium, Nashville Tennessee


The Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina Tennessee Line


The Parthenon, Nashville Tennessee


The Memphis skyline view from the Mississippi River


Harbor at Beaufort, NC


Churchill Downs Louisville Kentucky


Shiloh Baptist Church Hamptonville NC


Old Salem, Winston Salem NC


Bell Tower On NC State Campus, Raleigh NC


Downtown Village of Pinehurst NC


Park In Downtown Old Fort, NC


Black Mountain, NC


The Pisgah Covered Bridge, Asheboro NC


Looking Glass Falls – Transylvania County, NC


The Pirate House Restaurant, Savannah Georgia


Seagrove, North Carolina


Mabry Mill, Virginia


Biltmore House, Asheville NC


Chattanooga Tennessee


Close up Stone Mountain, GA


Daniel Stowe Gardens, Belmont NC


I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed sharing these pictures with you.  We have enjoyed our day trips and other adventures and I can honestly say that when I return to North Carolina I know my heart is at home.

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Goodbye Pat Conroy But Your Words Will Live Forever

pat conroy book


This week, Pat Conroy’s funeral was held on Lady’s Island near Beaufort South Carolina.  He was a prolific writer and his many works included The Great Santini and The Prince of Tides.  He passed away last week of Pancreatic Cancer.  It was sad for me to hear of his passing and actually one of my most favorite books that he wrote was his cookbook, The Pat Conroy Cookbook.  When I contemplated writing this blog several years ago, I wasn’t sure what type of subject matter I wanted to include.  I strarted reading his cookbook and realized he was a “foodie” and actually I think he was the first person that I realized could assume such a wonderful title.  I read his introduction to the recipes in the cookbook and I realized he had been a world traveler and shared recipes from time spent in Italy and Paris.  However, I also realized his heart was in the low country of South Carolina and that was his home.

I decided at that time that I wanted to introduce Southern recipes on my blog and also Southern traditions.  I did not want my blog to be a cooking blog that taught skills but a blog that shared my love for food and for the South.  As I read his beautiful descriptions of food, I realized I wanted to share food that was near and dear to my heart.  However, I am also very aware that I could never write as beautifully as Pat Conroy.

I have never read one of his novels in completion.  However, I think that would be a great idea right now.  Mr. D is listening to the audio version of his book, South of Broad.  He said it is written in such a special way and has such beautiful imagery of Charleston, South Carolina.  Mr. Conroy’s love for the people, places and experience of South Carolina are expressed so beautifully by him.

So we now say farewell to Mr. Conroy and also thank you for the wonderful way you had with words.  This is what the Monsignor Cellini said about him at the service:

Conroy wrestled with inner demons, Cellini said.

But he likened the mystery of Conroy’s life to the ingredients of a chocolate cake. Consumed individually, none is good.

God brought together the various aspects of Conroy’s life to form something special, Cellini said.

“The beauty of Pat Conroy is in his writing,” Cellini said. “The beauty you brought to the world will live forever.”

Read more here:
Thank you for that Monsignor Cellini and I am sure Mr. Conroy chuckled at being compared to a chocolate cake.  However, he did have a passion for food and I think that was a wonderful comparison.  In the cookbook there is a chapter entitled, “Why Dying Down South Is More Fun” and he talks about how Southerners prepare food for the grieving families.  I agree it can be more fun but not so much when we are grieving the loss of you.  Rest In Peace and I hope you left us with the assurance your words and recipes will be with us for many years to come. Here is an except from that chapter of the cookbook:
pat conroy book 2
When I make my annual visit to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina this year, I am sure when I see that sign to Beaufort, South Carolina I will think of you and your passion for words, food and life. You will be missed.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 2015

We just returned from our annual vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We had a great time and today I am sharing some pictures from our week at our most favorite vacation place of all.

We love to ride our bicycles on the bike trails.  I had a minor accident one day when I ran into this tree on the trail.  I fought the tree and the tree won. No worries though and I am very thankful that I only had skinned knees.


The picture below is a road view of Sea Pines Plantation


This picture shows why we think the beach at Hilton Head is so beautiful

IMG_3946 - Copy

These are our seats saved for next year.


A shrimp boat on the horizon


These are the marshes as you are leaving Hilton Head Island and crossing the bridge.

IMG_3958Mr. D’s picture of Harbortown lighthouse at sunset


Another Beach View

Picture of the Marshes as you cross the bridge onto Hilton Head Island

The low country marshes as you cross the bridge to Hilton Head Island

This is my picture of the harbortown waterfront at sunset.


We have visited Hilton Head Island South Carolina for about 35 years and this year I tried to savor everything that we experienced.  We have made so many wonderful memories at this special place.  As we were leaving, I realized that over this long period of time many things have changed at Hilton Head Island.  At the same time, I was amazed at how many things are exactly the same. In this fast paced world that changes so quickly, it is comforting to know that some beautiful places in this world haven’t changed.

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An Anniversary Tradition – A Visit to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Mr. D and I have just returned from a week long celebration of our wedding anniversary at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We had a wonderful time.  The weather was great and we realized we have been visiting Hilton Head Island for 34 years.  Some thing there have changed and improved but some things have remained the same.  It is a beautiful place and we look forward to our visit every year.  I have written blogs about our visits before but I did want to share a few pictures with you of our visit.

We stayed in the Sea Pines Plantation that is a gated community in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  It includes beaches, the famous Harbor Town lighthouse, biking trails, a forest preserve, restaurants, boating access and so many wonderful things to do.

View of South Beach Marina From Bike Trail

View of South Beach Marina From the Bike Trail


View of Bike Trail In Sea Pines Plantation

View of Bike Trail In Sea Pines Plantation


View of Sea Pines Golf Course

View of Sea Pines Golf Course

Alligator Sunning Himself on Bank of a Lagoon

Alligator sunning himself on bank of a Lagoon


The bike trail had sea symbols in the concrete.  Thought it was neat!

The bike trail had sea symbols in the concrete. Thought it was neat!


View of Sea Pines Beach Club from the water

View of Sea Pines Beach Club from the water


Sunset through the trees

Sunset through the trees


Sunset at the beach

Sunset at the beach


The community Heritage Garden in Sea Pines

The community Heritage Farm in  Sea Pines


Another view of the Heritage Farm

Another view of the Heritage Farm


Six Oaks Cemetery decorated for the 9/ll remembrance

Six Oaks Cemetery decorated for the 9/ll remembrance

View of the wide beach at low tide

View of the wide beach at low tide



We visited Savannah and I took a picture of the entrance to an old home.

We visited Savannah and I took a picture of the entrance to an old home.

We ate at Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah and that is where I took the above picture.  Hilton Head Island has to be my most happy place in the whole world and I am never ready to leave and come home.  Mr. D and I have many wonderful memories from the Low Country.

By the way, I think one thing I have learned from visiting the area and seeing so many quality golf courses, I can spot a bad golf course anywhere.  I remember when we visited the Virgin Islands and the tour guide showed us a golf course and my first thought was, ” You call that a golf course.”  Even though I have never held a golf club in my hand, I will say the golf courses there are impeccable.

Thanks for stopping by.


My Favorite Place – Hilton Head Island, S.C. – A Favorite Restaurant’s Fried Oysters

As you read this, I have just returned from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We spent an entire week in beautiful Sea Pines Plantation. I have many different experiences and pictures I want to share with you this week.

Today, I am sharing a recipe I saw in one of the brochures that featured a favorite restaurant, The Old Oyster Factory. The restaurant is in a beautiful setting on Broad Creek and the food is so delicious. I thought the recipe for fried oysters was the perfect way to start the week. Although, I am not a great lover of seafood, I do enjoy eating fried oysters sometimes.

fried oysters

Included with the recipe is the history of the site on Broad Creek where the restaurant is now located.

Below is a picture of Skull Creek on Hilton Head and I have many more picture, recipes and experiences to share with you this week.  Happy Monday Everyone!

Skull Creek - Hilton Head Island, SC

Skull Creek – Hilton Head Island, SC

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